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Welcome to the Trendix site!

TRENDIX Merchant and Supplier Limited Liability Company

Head office: 4033 Debrecen, Mátyás Király str. 18, Hungary
Trade register number: 09-09000938
Tax number: 10564853-2-09
Public tax number: HU 10564853
Foundation date: 1991.06.16.

Company`s profile: retail tr ade and wholesale

Sold products:
• Screw, fasteningtechnik produkts
• Hand and machine tools
• Electricity gear materials
• Paints and chemical materials

Trendix department store / Central, Debrecen
Screw wholesale, Debrecen
Screw- tool specialist shop, Nyíregyháza

Number of employees in 2008: 34 HC


Trendix department store / Central
4029 Debrecen, Cegléd street 7
Tel.: 0036-52-418-819,
Fax: 0036-52-414-855

Screw wholesale
4014 Debrecen-Pallag
02636/24 topographical lot number
4th number main road 234 km
Tel.: 0036-52-716-555
Fax: 0036-52-531-539

Screw- tool specialist shop
4400 Nyíregyháza, Szarvas street 31
Tel.: 0036-42-506-722
Fax: 0036-42-506-723

Major dates in the company history:

2009. Trendix webpage designe update and on-line shopping availability
2007. The introduction of Microsoft Navision companygudance system
2006. ISO 9001 renewing audit
2003.New Screw wholesale premise hand over
The Implementation of ISO 9001 quality assurance system
2000.The Implementation of ISO 9002 quality assurance system
1998. Screw wholesale opening in Debrecen
1996. Paint and chemical materials specialist shop opening in Debrecen
1995. Trendix department store and central offices opening in Debrecen
1991. Screw- tool specialist shop opening in Nyíregyháza
1991. Screw and electrical appliances shop opening in Debrecen

Business philosopy:
In the middle of our quality and businesspolicy stays the aspiration of the costumers holistic satisfaction.

Our business policiy is to keep in focus & improve the customer`s satisfaction.


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